Monthly Film Club



The winter monthly film club at 1450 brings neighbours and friends to gather over an evening of film and drink. Choice of the movie rotates and the selector has to find a short movie to accompany their choice. After the main feature the group discusses the movie over some refreshments.


2016 – SEASON ONE:

April 2016: The Dressmaker

May 2016:  Laskar Pelangi

June 2016: Idiocracy

July 2016: Annie Hall

August 2016: Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India

September 2016: Eye in the Sky


2017 – SEASON TWO:

April 2017:  I Daniel Blake

May 2017: A Love Song for Bobby Long

June 2017: The Intouchables

July 2017: My Own Private Idaho

August 2017: Into the Wilderness

September 2017: Lucky



April 2018: Wild Tales

May 2018: Moonrise Kingdom

June 2018: the Last Ride

July 2018: Mrs Henderson Presents

August 2018: Hidden Numbers

September2018: The Lady in the Van

2019 _SEASON FOUR: women directors season

April 2019: Faces, Places

May 2019: Lost in Translation

July 2019: Mudbound

August 2019: Maudie

September 2019 -fundraiser: The Backtrack Boys

2020 SEASON FIVE: road movies

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