Barbara Piscitelli


When Simon and Vic started their new lives in Tasmania, I immediately made a plan to visit.  I loved being there at the beginning of their new journey and to see their business All That We Are  get off the ground.  Their property is truly magnificent with amazing views of the water and the sky.  By day, the expanse of water provides unlimited beauty to gaze upon, and by night the stars are dazzling with the Milky Way clearly visible.  1450 offers expansive beauty.
The best part of being there was that we had long periods of time to talk about our life passions.  I really enjoyed problem solving, philosophising, remembering and critiquing.  We shared lots of ideas.  For that, I am always grateful, and the environment provides a rich place for big discussions.
I was delighted to visit Vic and Simon’s neighbour  Ben Richardson of Ridgeline Pottery while I was there.  What an impressive studio and amazing practice.  It was fun to connect the southernmost potters of Australia with their northern counterparts at the PigPen Pottery on Erub (Darnley Island) in the Torres Strait. Hope they manage to get together.

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