Tanya Evanson in residence


Tanya Evanson ran a spoken word workshop at 1450 – brilliantly making everyone in the group feel like a fully fledged spoken-word poet. After going through a writing process each participant presented their work in the three-hour workshop.

We loved having Tanya here and hope she will come back with the band.


This workshop traverses silence and sound in the creation of spoken word. Meditation, investigation, magical editing and unique vocal exercises turn quiet literature into loud orature that is unleashed in a non-competitive spoken word cabaret.
Requirements: passion, patience, paper, pen, mind, body and voice.
6 – 9pm       Tuesday 4 October 
Tanya Evanson is a Montreal poet, performer, producer and director of the Banff Centre Spoken Word Program. She has released four audio recordings, six artist books of poetry, an award-winning videopoem and in 2013 received the Sheri-D Wilson Golden Beret Award and was Poet of Honour at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word.

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