A reflection by Emily Bennett

We were lucky enough to spend the tail end of our Tasmania trip at All That We Are following the Australian Art Orchestra Creative Music Intensive in Tarraleah. This time, we took the opportunity to de-frag in the stunning, secluded location of Clifton Beach.  Yet, with all the possibilities at 1450 to develop, rehearse and perform we’ll surely be back.
Simon and Victoria made us feel very welcome from the outset, like we had arrived home.  On this particular evening that we came in from the airport, (that’s surprisingly close!) Simon and Victoria took us on a walk through their dense property to inspect the back burning they’d been at that day.  The warmth of hot coals and crisp Tasmanian air against the backdrop of the dimming inlet took us in immediately.
That night we feasted on local fare and talked of many things.  Like the artists who visit them, Simon and Victoria are passionate about the arts and actively engaged and interested in a multitude of projects, including the social justice arts projects of Scaret’s Fund.
The next morning we caught the sunrise on a morning pee break before falling pleasantly back asleep.  After breakfast on the verandah looking out over the bay, Dan took advantage of the upright piano as Reuben and Emily joined him to play to our heart’s content.  It is rare that accommodation is so close to the rehearsal space (next door!).  The kitchen and bathroom facilities were also everything we needed.
Some hours past playing music together in the space before we headed into town (also ridiculously close) to eat fish and chips and drink whiskey (tough life!).
While we could only visit briefly on this occasion, All That We Are provided the perfect balance to retreat, create, collaborate and converse.  Thanks to Simon and Victoria for the invitation to visit and take part in their arts practice residency program.

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