Welcome Sara Wright


We are delighted to welcome Sara Wright to be present one day a week as a collaborator at 1450. Sara Wright is a visual artist with a contemporary social practice. Her approach to all things in life is creative. Her socially engaged practice moves to collectively re-imagine and heal the public places we live in together, by re-awakening the innate human ability for creativity and our healing relationship with nature. By acknowledging the sensory in her personal art practice, and the inherent qualities of being human—that life and art are one and the same—she finds the surface of our contemporary society becomes disrupted, and beautifully remade to reflect deeper connections, broader ecologies.

Sara works with material alchemy through moving image, performance, sound, ceramic and creative play. Her skills include installation, craft, movement and moving image, co-producing and collaborating on projects and performances with community, and creating contemporary, socially-engaged contexts for interaction and democratic forum.

We anticipate good things will come from the individual and collaborative generation of ideas through Sara being around…

You can find out more about Sara’s practice at  http://www.sarawright.space/silver-lining-projects/


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