Jennifer Barrett in residence on IWD 2017


Writer Jennifer Barrett (second from left)  from Dublin undertook a seven day residency at 1450 to work on her new book. Jennifer, author of Look into the Eye and The Songbird’s Way had visited Australia but not Tasmania before. This photograph was for a lunch in celebration of her residency and coincided to become a celebration of International Womens Day 2017 (with Victoria, Kath, Alby, Peta and Kathryn – and dogs Sephy and Piper).  To see more about Jennifer visit

Here is a reflection on her visit from Jennifer Barrett:

I travelled from Ireland to Australia for work in March 2017 and was fortunate enough to be able to add on a glorious week at 1450 at the end of the trip. And what a gift it was – I am working on my first children’s book and spending time in Victoria and Simon’s artistic haven was just what I needed to get the words flowing. While sitting on the beautiful deck trying to fully take in the splendid views and the much welcome sunshine, an idea struck me. It was a pivotal idea – one which inspired an element that the book had been missing. My sincere thanks to Simon and Victoria who were so welcoming and got the balance just right between allowing me lots of space and time to contemplate and create, and check-ins and chats to ensure I didn’t start talking to the wombats! Tasmania is just beautiful too – lovely weather, clean air, space, friendly.. It has it all. I felt immediately at peace and at rest. As one little person commented in the guestbook: ‘I a little bit want to stay here forever, and I a little bit miss my bedroom’! Perfect – I a little bit could have stayed forever and certainly hope to be back some day.

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