ArtsFront 2030 gathering


all that we are hosted the first Tasmanian gathering of ArtsFront 2030, bringing together artists and activists from across the state. Arts Front is a four-year project supporting artists to take the lead in shaping the future of culture and the arts in Australia. It is a chance think beyond our currentsystems: What could culture and the arts in Australia look like in 2030 and how dowe go about making our shared visions for the future a reality?

Arts Front is connecting all artform areas and all parts of the arts and cultural sector to mobilse and campaign around shared goals and objectives.

• How do we ensure First Peoples culture and arts underpins everything we do?

• How do we raise awareness of the public value of the arts in the community?

• How do we ensure young artists have a say in the creating the future?

The Tasmanian Arts Front Planning Workshop will focus on practical ways to grow engagement in the national conversation about the future of arts and culture amongst

Tasmanian artists and communities. The aim is to develop an action plan for the nextthree years of the Arts Front program in Tasmania.

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