A reflection by Kerri McConchie

By the time I arrived at 1450 I was in real need of a break but also still very busy with preparing new works for pending exhibitions. So arrived pretty stressed, but at the end of nine days I left Victoria and Simon’s special corner of the world feeling calm and energised – ready to take on the challenge of a busy month ahead. It is seriously a beautiful place. Surrounded by forest and endless vistas of sea, sky and stunning landscape. I went for walks on vast empty beaches, along cliffs and bush trails – all a very welcome distraction to my work. While Dark Mofo was happening in Hobart and around I took advantage of some brilliant concerts, Dark Park, Winter Feast, and of course visited MONA (Museum of Everything was pretty incredible). I loved it all!  The only disappointment was a no show Aurora Australis, so I made do with spectacular sunrises. Otherwise, intense focus on my projects was made more possible as I was left in peace and solitude. Victoria and Simon offered the perfect balance of allowing me my space and privacy while also offering support and their warm hospitality. I sincerely hope to make the time again to come back to this really special place.
Kerri McConchie

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