Nancy J. Adler in residence


Nancy Adler comes to All That We Are from Montreal, Canada, where she is an artist and the Bronfman Chair in Management at McGill University. Having just been in New Zealand as a Cultural Fellow of the University of Auckland and given an invited talk at the University of Tasmania on “Musical Leadership & Societal Transformation: Inspiration & Courage in Action”, Nancy has come to 1450 to expand her ceramics skills, her latest area of artistic exploration, working with master potter Ben Richardson, and to have some peaceful time to think, reflect, and write. Nancy’s work bringing together the arts and leadership looks at the ways in which the arts and artistic practices can support leaders in successfully navigating the challenges of the 21st century.  Her work is focused on beauty, and how we can continue to find and create beauty in a world that daily confronts us all with the chaos and all-too-often ugliness of a world increasingly defined by rapid, discontinuous, dehumanizing change

All That We Are is perfect (Yes! There is such a thing). The vistas of the bay are breathtaking. The warmth and deep insight shared by Victoria and Simon are extraordinary. Working in Ben Richardson’s studio and benefiting from his artistry and deep experience is a gift, as are his and Peta’s friendship, wisdom, and fabulous lunches and tea breaks. I woke up again this morning to a brilliant sunrise, to early morning songbirds breaking the night’s silence, and to a peacefulness and optimism that is all too rare for me to find in my regular, out-there world. Thank you Victoria and Simon for giving me the opportunity to spend time with you, and with Ben and Peta, in this magical place. Thank you for being you.


Nancy completed a ten day residency with Ridgeline Pottery while she was at all that we are.


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