Ailsa Wild in residence

ailsawildeWrite Ailsa Wild has travelled from Melbourne to find a little space to work on her writing. You can find out more about Ailsa at – she is the author of the Squishy Tayor series – see

Ailsa says:

grew up reading everything I could lay my hands on. I loved Jo March writing stories and Nancy Blackett captaining her sailing ship.

I loved Frodo as much as Sam did.

I am a writer because of those characters. I want to make whole worlds and I want to give them to people.

When I was eighteen I moved to Melbourne and studied creative writing. I discovered feminist theory and acrobatics in my first week and both have given me bigger muscles. I train hard and I’m committed to being strong. I lift people above my head, I make circus shows and I write about how that feels.

Sometimes I think I should stop playing, and do something that will make a real difference in the world. But most of the time, I can tell this is worth it.

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