Simon becomes arts representative for the B4 Early Years Coalition


b4imageSimon has been invited to become the Arts Leader for a new Tasmanian initiative.

The B4 Early Years Coalition will connect people and organisations from across the Tasmanian community who are committed to supporting children, pregnancy to 4 years of age and their families.

The name B4 represents the early years of a child’s life, pregnancy to age four, the years ‘before’ a child begins full-time school and the period before birth. These early years are a time of rapid change and development for children, as they learn and grow and discover the world around them.

The B4 Early Years Coalition is based on the ‘collective impact’ model (Kania and Kramer, 20 I I) where organisations and individuals from across diverse sectors work together to address social issues.

The B4 Early Years Coalition will bring together individuals, businesses, communities and government to think about what we want for our youngest community members and drive community action to achieve better outcomes for young children and their families.

image from The City of Melbourne


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