Eunice Cheung in residence

euniceEunice Cheung was born in Hong Kong, 1986 and graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Master of Fine Art. She specialises in Chinese gongbi (fine-brush) painting of animals, and her research is about the changing relationships between human and animal throughout the Chinese Art history.

In her work she captures the beauty of animals and reflects the state of animals in different cultures, societies and geography. Through imparting humanistic characters into the subjects in her pieces, Eunice bridges the chasm between humanity and the seemingly distant natural world.

Eunice is a frequent participant of different individual and joint exhibitions in Hong Kong and overseas. Her work has been exhibited in Art Basel Hong Kong, Christie’s and Sotheby’s Hong Kong. In 2015, her work was shown in the National Palace Museum in Taiwan and Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence.

While at all that we are Eunice is taking time out to do some writing and reflect own her work of the last seven years.


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