A reflection by writer Ailsa Wild


I’ve got the skylight room. When I wake in the night, I open my eyes and I’m looking up into forever. The stars are bright. I force my eyes open even though they’re sleepy-blurry, even though I want to be rested so I can work tomorrow. I can’t not look at this. I lie on my back, so very warm and comfortable, and blink into the bright, bright darkness.

1450 is beautiful. Water, hills and trees fill the acres of windows and it’s been fitted out with creative work-play in mind. Simon and Victoria are experts at making physical space for creativity. But they’re also aware of the required mental space.

‘You’re welcome to join us, but don’t if you don’t want to. Really don’t.’ Often I don’t. I make my own lunch and take it to my desk and speak to nobody. I have a big sense that they want what I want for myself. The space to create. As a mother and a freelance writer, this is not the case in my daily life. I’m surprised at the huge difference it makes having two people silently on my team this way.

Each time I step into a room with that view, onto the balcony or sit at a table and look out, my mind has a sense of openness and the possible.

I write.

For five days, I write.

Other times I’ve been faced with five days of solo writing time, I’ve been afraid of facing demons, of blockages and dark thoughts and dull procrastination. But the bright ocean in the window makes me brave and disciplined.

I write.


Ailsa Wild January 2018

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