Simon joins the board of Regional Arts Australia

RAASimon has become a Director of Regional Arts Australia. Regional Arts Australia (RAA) supports artists, arts organisations, audiences and communities in regional Australia through diverse projects and initiatives. RAA delivers Artlands, a national biennial arts conference and regular events and programs across Australia as well as delivering the Regional Arts Fund on behalf of the Commonwealth Government.It is also the national organisation developing integrated strategies and support services that enhance access to regional touring of performing arts companies.

Regional Arts Australia is the modern guise of the Arts Council of Australia, a long-standing collaborative forum of bodies involved in regional arts. The new name was adopted in 1998 in recognition of the organisation’s re-orientation as a pro-active member of the regional arts community. There also came a renewed concentration on creating a national voice for those issues, concerns and opportunities that are relevant to all who work in and for the arts in regional and remote Australia.

Simon has a focus on Tasmania but will also be involved in developing new policy and also support for the 2020 Artlands conference.

You can find out about Artlands 2018 here.


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