Stephanie Hruska in residence

stepahiehruskaMy name is Steph and I’m from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA. I came to All That We Are with the hope of reconnecting with my creative mind and to see what would happen if I allowed myself to step into a new, and unfamiliar environment. Prior to working as an educator, I spent several years in the service industry. I was able to fully immerse myself in the work, but went home exhausted each day and felt a lack of fulfillment. I am here to learn more about my own strengths as an independent woman, educator and artist, in hopes of finding the right direction in which to carry dedication & passion forward. Since arriving at All That We Are, I have found comfort, support and more fresh air than I could have ever hoped for. I consider myself very fortunate to be here and am so grateful for this opportunity. Victoria & Simon are truly wonderful and welcoming people.”

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