Building Great Communities for Tasmania’s Children

Simon presented on a panel at this event in Campbelltown, Tasmania on 5 July 2018.

This well attended event looked at  ways to work together to improve the lives of children in their early years across Tasmania. Simon presented  on the power of the arts as transformative tool for children and parents lives.

The evidence is clear, what happens for a child in the early years lasts a lifetime. The early years are building the foundations for future life success across multiple areas including physical, cognitive, social and emotional.

Local governments are already doing amazing things to ensure children in the early years thrive. Having the closest and most direct connection with communities, families and children, local governments have an amazing opportunity to build on and support their community’s capacity to ensure a great community for their children.

Forum attendees heard inspiring stories from interstate and local contexts and take away practical knowledge and skills to apply in their work and strategic planning.

Guest speakers include: Geoffrey Woolcock– Institute of Resilient Regions University of Southern Queensland, Simon Spain B4 Early Years Coalition Leader and former City of Melbourne Art Play, Tasmanian local government representatives and Australian Early Development Census experts.


One comment

  1. Amanda

    thanks for coming to this forum Simon. Everyone was really excited about the arts after your talk!

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