Simon and Victoria presenting at ITAC4 in New York

ITAC4_Header_8x3Simon and Victoria will be presenting at the Fourth International Teaching Artist Conference at the Kennedy Centre in New York this September. They will be delivering a joint hands-on session  with Simon running the ‘self assembly’ public participatory workshop while  Victoria shows how to document such programs through simple book making techniques. If you can’t make it to the conference and would like to stay abreast of what’s going on you can access the Digital conference through a streaming schedule outlined below…

ITAC4 Digital Conference

The  4th International Teaching Artists Conference (ITAC4) is hosted in partnership with Carnegie Hall, DreamYard, and Lincoln Center Education and brings together over 200 teaching artists, organizations, funders, researchers, and other leaders to explore key issues of participatory arts practice.

This year’s conference is packed, but you can still join on the internet, but individuals and organizations around the world who are not able to join the conference in New York City, can participate online through a  live stream of plenary sessions, curated interviews and conversations, along with access to special web-only content. All of these online sessions will be archived on the ITAC website after the conference, so you can relive the excitement of this vibrant community long after the conference ends.

Keynote presentations include Liz Lerman, Marc Bamuthi Joseph, and Aaron Huey. Click here for more information on these dynamic artists:

Join the first ITAC project as we create an historical timeline for the global field. Learn about and join the  ITAC Collaborative that will continue between conferences. Hear the announcement of where and when  ITAC5 will happen.

Other exciting content that will be live streamed, includes:

• “Let Our Light Shine: Songwriting and Goal Attainment for Homeless Men with Mental Illness”

• “Teaching Artists in International Development: Creating Safe Spaces for Challenging Power and Agency”

• “The Moth: True Stories from Teaching Artists and Their Students”

• “The Power of Parade to Build Community”

• “The Responsibility of 21st Century Artists in Communities”

• “Theatre and Community: Engaging, Responsive and Inclusive”

• “Transforming Through Performing”

How do I access the Digital Conference? For a detailed streaming schedule and links to join the Digital Conference, visit our website:

How can I engage with others at ITAC4 through the Digital Conference? There are multiple ways to engage with ITAC4 online. Here are a few suggestions:

• Get online and join ITAC4 to watch the live stream of keynote and plenary sessions. The full schedule will be announced by August 31.

• Watch special web-only “backstage” content, including interviews with keynote presenters and conference delegates.

• Watch the live stream with your friends and colleagues. Organizations around the world are planning Teaching Artist workshops and training sessions to coincide with the ITAC4 conference.

They will watch plenary sessions together through the live stream, and then conduct their own breakout sessions and content specific workshops.

• Tag #ITAC4NYC and follow @Itac_Conference on social media for updates.

Send us an email at and share your ideas for how you will use the ITAC4 Digital Conference in your hometown.

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