ArTELIER 2018 – Building the value of the arts in education


A day of building the value of the creative arts in education, led by Tullia Chung-Tilley and Andy Vagg. Provocation from Eric Booth Exploring how to develop a creative culture within a school environment, that has a focus on creativity, social cohesion, exploring ideas and problem solving. Pictured is ‘Plastic Fantastic’ open ended art play, inviting conversations on sustainability and other curly questions. We said:

artelierbooth“I have often felt that reflection is undervalued with in the arts community, with a focus on the present and future projects, so am incredibly grateful for the space that Artelier has set up for reflection and listening to/with colleagues.” B

“To Tullia and Andy, a day of embodied play, adaptive and generous brass tacks know-how! Watching you both move in the Education space was a real inspiration.” S

arteliertulia“I was overwhelmed with a such a sense of belonging and a feeling of common ground and language with so many amazing people.” Sh

“It’s been a challenging path trying to work out the semantics for myself, I am working on it and how my pedagogy and arts practice meld, cross weave, separate, and contribute to young people. I appreciate the opportunity for growth and self-questioning.  Gratitude.” T


In this session there was a provocation from Eric Booth, zooming in from New York. In many ways Eric is the founder of the teaching artist movement, particularly in the USA. We were very lucky to have Eric to present to us a short history of the teaching artist movement in the USA together with some key factors around working in school environments. Make a coffee and enjoy his presentation here: there is a small blip in the middle but just run through that)

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