ArTELIER 2018 – on Country


Decolonising our practice was led by Ruth Langford and Sinsa Mansell. Ruth said “In the spirit of decolonisation we are changing the framework for our day. Starting at ‘the Springs’ on Kunanyi and embracing whatever comes, particularly weather wise. We will take a walk and learn directly from the most powerfu provocateurs – ‘Country’. After a shared making session in the afternoon we will then journey down the mountain to attend an event at UTAS where Uncle Jimmy Everett will share his knowledge around identity and belonging.” After we said:

oncountry1“I still cannot distill and explain all of the effects, but after asking country to help me find my country, I met a woman at the university who was from the country where my maternal grandfather was born.  Within hours of asking, we connected and I am leaving for two weeks on that country in Victoria tomorrow with her fascinating stories and places to travel with.  I am looking forward to deepening the work with Ruth and I may quite possibly craft an answer to Jim’s question of identity.  What a thought provoking talk he gave.” T


“(Gratitude) to Ruth, for tearing down our barriers and giving us the space to connect, being present with us on a day when you were also dealing with life and death. To Sinsa for holding the space for us with your honesty and breath. To everyone for sharing their experience and vulnerability.” S

oncountry2.jpg“I think we all felt deeply ‘moved’ by our individual and group experiences and that this emotional impact is a reflection of the trust we share and how much we have bonded as a team.” K