Michael Camilleri in residence

A few years ago I received a commission to illustrate a picture book by Sherryl Clark for Allen & Unwin. I’ve found it difficult to complete for many reasons. A number of other all-consuming projects including animated sex-ed videos for schools and concept design for The Museum Of Australian Democracy have claimed my time and energy. And I’ve had second book-jitters and an irrational fear of colour.

This Christmas holiday window is the time to finish it. I’m so glad Simon and Victoria allowed me to come to All That We Are in their off-season. The main purpose was to go somewhere removed from distractions and get the work done to that magical point where completion feels inevitable. It’s certainly quiet here, which is great. But what I’m finding even more conducive is the beauty of the house – it’s like my dream of a place to live and work – and being surrounded by creativity, both on the walls and in Victoria and Simon’s approach to life.

Michael Camilleri

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