Natalie Nicolas and Joseph Franklin in residence

In January 2020 all that we are welcomed composers Joseph Franklin and Natalie Nicolas to 1450. Scarlet’s Fund supported these two composers to spend a week working together and enjoying the space and landscape of Tasmania. Natalie and Joseph were successful applicants to their Composer Development Program. The Flinders Quartet devote specific time to developing their Composer Development Program and put out a national call for scores from composers (regardless of age) to be assessed anonymously. Since their first Composer Development Program in 2016 they have worked with a wide range of great talent. Successful participants enjoy time with a composition mentor, workshops with the quartet, a studio recording of their work and a live-streamed concert reaching national and international audiences. Scarlets Fund is able to also offer them a residency at 1450.

‘My time at the All That We Are residency has been full of reflection, writing (a thesis and the beginnings of an orchestral work) as well the ongoing development of creating ‘solo language’ for the semi-hollow bass guitar. The expansiveness of the space has allowed for a constant connection/communication with the full range of weather: not a moment goes by where the goings on outside (externally), are separate from the goings on inside (internally). This has had a direct impact on my practice and processes, for the better. This week has also been a chance to get to know my colleague, Natalie Nicolas, and share about our (radically) different journeys and approaches to music making. Iā€™m hugely grateful to Victoria and Simon for their openness and creating this wonderful space, and to the Flinders Quartet for the opportunity.’

Joseph Franklin

‘I have worked, explored, re-energised and acquainted myself with places and conversations I couldn’t have possibly foreseen… It’s been an otherwise impossible opportunity to learn some of the intricate workings of another artist in the same space as me, and to challenge and confirm some of my own musical ethos…’

Natalia Nicolas

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