artelier3ArTELIER invests in Tasmanian young people by empowering the artists who work with them. Tasmanian artists co-design and share resources for themselves and others to strengthen the sector of artists working with children, young people and families. This sector needs new leaders to build a rich ecology for future youth arts activity that supports community healing in Tasmania in future years – leaders who are connected to this place, confident and knowledgeable.

ArTELIER outcomes include:

  • A pool of confident, connected and networked artists to lead the youth arts sector inTasmania (by developing new skills, knowledge and opportunities)
  • Raised profile of the children and youth arts sector (by increased documentation, publicly available resources and new programming opportunities)
  • Raised quality of arts provision for children and young people (by supporting quality engagements between participants and artists that develop social wellbeing and deeper connection to place, self and community)

To be successful we foresee the following outcomes:

  • High quality practice outcomes engaging children, young people.
  • Successful employment of ArTELIER artists in Tasmanian and National programs and festivals.
  • Successful interaction with International colleagues through ITAC4
  • Successful application to the Australia Council for 2019 funding
  • Delivery of a two-day ArTELIER Lab at Salamanca Arts Centre in May 2019 for participating artists to explore new work with intergenerational audiences.
  • New partnerships for co-creating opportunities

Long term impact:

  • Children, young people and families become more knowledgeable, connected and confident participants in a creative Tasmania.


Our theory of change, backed by considerable experience, validates building the capacity of artists through regular exchange opportunities creating a culture of enquiry, innovation and collaboration. As part of this Learning Exchange, online modules and resources and networks will be developed for and with the broader sector of artists, workers and educators who work with young people. This will lead to higher quality outcomes and better reflective arts engagements across the sector enabling children and young people to build their own skills, capacities and wellbeing.