ArTELIER artists 2018


Simon Spain and Victoria Ryle are core artists on this program.The other artists engaged in the program for 2018 are:


Simon Spain is a visual and socially engaged artist with over thirty-year’s experience of delivering and designing programming for children and young people in several countries and was founding Creative Producer of ArtPlay and Signal in Melbourne.  Simon is a highly effective leader of arts initiatives with the capacity to drive high quality results, raise funds and innovate. He is currently co-Director of all that we are and has been awarded the Australia Council  for the Arts Community and Cultural Development Fellowship 2017. He is a Tate International associate and is currently working with Tate on capacity building programs for socially engaged artists. He was until recently member of the Tasmanian Arts Board, has been newly appointed to the board of Directors of Regional Arts Australia and is the Arts and Culture representative for the B4 Early Years Coalition in Tasmania. Simon is a PhD candidate at RMIT, Melbourne looking at current practices of artists delivering participatory community arts projects.
Victoria Ryle is a leading pioneer in the practice of publishing the work of children to give them a voice in their world. She is the Co-founder of Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership in Ireland (1997) and founder of Kids’ Own (Australia) Inc. (2003), that uses creativity and community publishing to build literacy engagement, sense of identity and belonging in the wider community. She is a strong advocate for the power of an arts and artist-led publishing process in community and education contexts. She has extensive experience as a facilitator, trainer, teacher, and advisory teacher and has presented at conferences world-wide. Victoria is co-director of all that we are and undertaking a PhD at UTAS.
image1Karen Revie is a writer, visual artist and educator who lives and works in Launceston, Tasmania. She has worked in arts for many years with the firm belief that art has the power to effect positive personal and cultural change.Karen is a creative projects manager in her own arts consultancy The Holographic Lounge and works as an educator with Tasmanian eSchool and NDIS. She regularly manages creative projects that involve the active participation of both primary and secondary schools.Karen’s artistic process involves the investigation of magic in science and science in magic.



Ruth Langford has a diverse background in environmental/ social/ justice/ youth work and the arts and divides her time into projects that reflect her passion for people, culture, nature and justice. Ruth draws upon the cultural knowledge of her Yorta Yorta mother and the Aboriginal community of Tasmania where she was born. She has recently returned to her father’s peoples country Lunuwunna Alonnah, Bruny Island where she is currently establishing, Nayri Niara a Centre for the Arts of Healing. Ruth has gained a reputation as not only a talented musician, but a capable facilitator. Ruth has also been the inspiration behind and the co-producer of the Strong Song Project which over 5 years focused on community healing and capacity building through re-engaging traditional practices of healing and sharing knowledge through song and storytelling. As Coordinator of the Indigenous Women’s Legal Centre, Ruth established Healing on Country retreats for community women experiencing violence within the family. She has also worked as a youth worker and as a coordinator for the Justice Mentoring Program assisting Aboriginal people reintegrating to family and community after long term incarceration.
Selena de Carvalho is an inter-disciplinary artist based in Longley Village, Tasmania. Her practice responds to notions of personal ecology and human interaction with the environment, often relating to the perceived consumption of wilderness and lived experiences of wildness, focusing on the core paradox of how we (humanity) yearn for the untamed, and yet in our desire to experience the wild, consciously or unconsciously seek to control it. Technology and creativity are used as a means to raise questions as opposed to providing answers. Selena is the 2016 recipient of the prestigious Shenberg Art Fellowship for her work Ecological Haunts (ii)exhibited as part of Hatched at Perth Institute of Contemporary Art. The curatorial board describe the work as “ both intricate and affecting. It is a work that is experiential in the best possible sense, with the ability to draw viewers into its poetic sense of mystery and magic. Both subtle and sophisticated, the work allows for different levels of engagement, moments of solitude and room for contemplation.”
Leigh Tesch is a performing artist, producer, arts worker, project co-ordinator, facilitator, evaluator and therapist. Leigh works with communities, and runs a freelance consultancy delivering arts programs in health and education settings.  Currently her practice includes storytelling performance and workshops for young children and families, and she is the executive officer of Inscape Tas, a community organisation that supports artists to work in healthcare.   Leigh was the lead project consultant for Creative Connections in the Early Years, an initiative of the Tasmanian Early Years Foundation and TMAG that developed quality artist engagement with young children and families.
Sara Wright is an interdisciplinary artist with a socially engaged practice that moves to collectively re-imagine and find healing in the society and public places we live in together, re-awakening the innate human ability to access creativity, connection and our healing relationship with nature. By acknowledging the sensory in her art practice and the intrinsic values of us all, she finds the surface of our contemporary society becomes disrupted, and beautifully remade to reflect deeper connections, broader ecologies. Sara founded Silver Lining Projects in 2012 to encapsulate a co-creating, collaborative way of working for heath and humanism, adaptation and resilience. Alongside other contracts working with youth for museums and local government, she is Artist in Residence at the Royal Hobart Hospital Emergency Department (RHH ED), and links this with the MONA 24 Carrot Gardens Project, designing and delivering art experiences for children.
Tullia Chung-Tilley is a passionate school teacher. Movement has been a large part of her existence, from cultural dance styles to commercial repertoire. She thrives on being involved in creative dance endeavours for community engagement. She began contemporary dance in year eleven and has a background in gymnastics, springboard diving and trampolining. Her choreographic work varies from classroom settings and dance studios to fitness centres and youth and community groups. Over the past eight years Tullia has worked with schools in the Clarence Plains (Hobart) area and Kununurra (WA) as a dance teacher, facilitator and creative producer.
Andy Vagg is an artist, designer and performer. His art practice explores the qualities and limitations of contemporary existence, and how the choices we make inherently effect, respond to, and delineate social evolution. He creates work in social contexts, to activate spaces to form literal and metaphorical platforms for the development of ideas to encourage positive social change. His work utilises post consumer materials and items, to create installations, sculptures and objects. His performances explore the role of religion, liturgy and ritual in a contemporary secular context, and how they can help us come to terms with the rapid changes brought onto humanity through industrialisation, globalisation and climate change. Andy has created work in public and private spaces in Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Launceston and Hobart. He has collaborated with community in colleges, high schools, primary schools, community centres, and child and family centres. (pic by Lucia Rossi)

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Kirsty Grierson

Bec Stevens

Warren Mason

Kitty Taylor

Nathan Tucker

Tullia Chung-Tilley

Alex Morse

Lucien Simon

Richie Cyngler

Tristan Templar

Julia Drouhin

Sheree Martin

Julie Stoneman

Tania Maxwell

Sally Mollison

Julie Waddington

Kris Shaffer

Joel Roberts

Tamaz Oszwald

Paul Snell


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