ArTELIER timeline and schedule

artelier2The first year of the ArTELIER program runs from May 2018 – May 2019. During this period there will be at least eight face-to-face gatherings of artists charing practice, as well as numerous Zoom we-based meetings.

Each session contains:

• a visiting provocateur – each session we invite an expert to offer a provocation

• a hands-on session – this is a program about the arts, so we engage arts practice to share practice

• discussion and debate – talking and sharing is generally under-rated in a world driven by project delivery

• a pot-luck lunch – the participants bring something to share for lunch

• a writing-up of the learning of the day, together with other forms of documentation to publish on a website as part of developing a micro credentialled course for artists and educators.

Timeline 2018-9:

Learning Exchange Session 1
at all that we are
Introduction: A focus on community healing and capacity building led by Ruth Langford. In this session the group will co-design the future session content. (see next slide for example session content)
Provocateur: Marit Ulvund (SEANSE- Norway) What is a teaching artist?
Learning Exchange Session 2
at all that we are
/Peter Underwood Centre
Making – Self Assembly (Simon) and Documentation session (Victoria) – defining areas of interest
Provocateur: Tim and Maddi (Australia) sound installation “Public participation or engagement?”
Learning Exchange Session 3
Peter Underwood Centre
Giving voice to young people 
How can we create expressive modalities that empower children to have a voice in their community as cultural and social citizens?  How do we strengthen spatial thinking and placed-based learning?
Provocateur: Lenine Bourke (The walking Neighbourhood)
Activity: Selena de Carvalho
– 2 sessions
Learning Exchange Session 4
Peter Underwood Centre and all that we are.
Building the value of the creative arts in education
How can we decolonise our practice?
Learning exchange at ITAC4 New York (12-15 September, Carnegie Hall)
Learning Exchange Session 5
Peter Underwood Centre
Valuing youth arts: as a stepping stone, place of experimentation
How do we challenge negative, perceptions surrounding student theatre, youth work, and young people’s art?
Learning Exchange Session 6
Peter Underwood Centre
Authentic engagement 
The art and dance of facilitating authentic co-creation with children and nurturing meaningful long-term outcomes?
Learning Exchange Session 8
Peter Underwood Centre
Signals, technology children and young people 
Grabbling with the challenges of accessible technology for children and young people.
Exploring innovative arts practice with technology, communication and transmission.
May 2019
2 day LAB at Salamanca Arts Centre for 2018/9 artists
 Final gathering and review