Jet Kye Chong in residence

We are delighted to host Jet Kye Chong in October 2019 as part of Scarlet’s Fund support for the Fliders Quartet composer program – – Jet is an emerging performer and composer studying a Bachelor of Philosophy in Music and Mathematics at the University of Western Australia. He will be with all that we are for a week to start the composition of a new work.

ArTELIER satellite opportunity

Our friend and neighbour Kath Melbourne is bringing her extensive expertise and a great team, both local and interstate (Kirk Page, Ben Richardson (Ridgeline Pottery), Sinsa Mansell, Maeve MacGregor, and Nathan Maynard) to create this workshop for building a resilient and sustainable arts life.

We have secured up to a maximum of 10 places for ArTELIER artists at concession rate and ArTELIER will reimburse.

See details here:

ArTELIER 2019 session three

The third ArTELIER session took place in the Long House in Hobart and had a focus on De-colonising practice. The session was run by Sinsa Mansell and Ruth Langford and invited all the participants to share their thoughts about Country. ArTELIERs, there is a short video on the ArTELIER Slack channel …

ArTELIER 2019 session two

The second ArTELIER session took place in Claremont and had a focus on Pedagogy and Planning. the session was organised by Simon and Lesley and used Victoria’s current ArTELIER partnership with Claremont Goodstart as a case study in exploring emergent and co-designed approaches to developing projects with communities. The group visited the centre and spent much of the day challenging their own approaches to palnning projects. ArTELIERs, here is a short video on the ArTELIER Slack channel …

Claremont Goodstart: Books as Gifts (ArTELIER project #3)

This week saw Victoria sow some seeds for a project around making, creating and publishing books at Goodstart Childcare centre in Claremont. They proposed the idea of books as gifts – for special events, anniversaries – or simply for anyone large or small who may need a little cheering. “As the first time in a while I’ve been at the chalkface, I find I am bringing a new reflexivity from my research into children’s community publishing into my practice: exploring an emergent project design that is both challenging and illuminating.”

The children have provided some magic moments in this first week, and I look forward to listening deeply to the staff’s responses to these preliminary explorations before we plan the next phase and co-opt some other ArTELIER artists into the mix.


Come and join on the first Friday of the month 10am – 1pm (RSVP required) at the all that we are Reading Room. We are gathering quite a collection of books in our library, particularly focused on socially engaged practice so come and peruse some new and old publications critical to our work – and join in a discussion with however else is around. Have a coffee while you’re here.

ArTELIER visit to the Skills 4 Kids Cafe

Alongside the first ArTELIER session in Launceston the group went to visit the project partner Skills 4 Kids Cafe in Newstead, Launceston. This new initiative encourages a skills sharing session at early years centres by fostering intergenerational engagements. Basically, it invites elder in the community to come into the early years centre and have fun teaching children sustainability while cultivating meaningful cultural and social communities. The group started to plan the future collaboration.

ArTELIER 2019 session one

In order to accommodate ArTELIER artists from across the state there were two introductory session for the 2019 ArTELIER sessions – one in Launceston and one in Sandford. The first session was organised by Sheree and Joel and featured a presentation by Dr Anna Alomes, Human Rights Philosopher, Communicator and Wanderer on Global Pathways, about respectful listening and mindfulness. This was great introduction to working together and offered an opportunity for the group to meet.

Confirmation of Candidature at UTAS

Victoria is pleased to have finally reached this first significant milestone of her PhD. CoC is an opportunity to present to her peers and get feedback from a panel on her proposed research plan and review of the literature to date. Next step, to work out the fine detail of the data gathering process, ready to submit for ethics clearance.