General information:

1450 South Arm Road




Home/office 6248 9519

Simon mobile 0447 159941

Victoria mobile 0433 463144

Emergency – 000

There is a first aid kit in the small kitchen.



PASSWORD: atwa1450

weather for the area

Exploring the landscape:

Tangarra Trail: go up to the top of the lad, by the main road, cross the road and walk down the small lane opposite Ridgeline. At the end you will find a path…

Local beaches:

Tide times

  • Clifton Beach – 5 mins by car
  • Cremorne Beach 5 min by car
  • Honeywood – rocky beach walk – 3 minutes by car
  • Lauderdale beach – behind Hill Street Grocers
  • Arm End – is right at the end of South Arm Road – 15 minutes and is a lovely walk on the peninsular 1hr walk min.
  • You can walk to the Lagoon – please ask for details

Feel free to walk around the land – there is a path that you can walk around in about 10 minutes. In the summer be wary of snakes in the undergrowth and do not light any fires.


Don’t go hungry – if you have run out, ask us – we have some prepared meals in our freezer…

This is a no smoking property. Please don’t smoke anywhere on the property.

We are on tank water here so please use water with care. PLEASE TAKE SHORT SHOWERS ONLY!  We advise you drink the water from the water filter in the kitchen.

We use solar power as much as possible so please use the sunny days to recharge devices/use the washing machine/etc. All the heaters work pretty well – remember to turn them off when you go out please

Please don’t forget to sign the visitors book and we’d love you to contribute a picture and around 100 words by email for us to put on our website.

We may take photographs of you while you are here – please tell us if you aren’t happy with this. We will use this pictures for publicity.

We hope you have a productive time here and are very keen for constructive feedback.