Claremont Goodstart: Books as Gifts (ArTELIER project #3)

This week saw Victoria sow some seeds for a project around making, creating and publishing books at Goodstart Childcare centre in Claremont. They proposed the idea of books as gifts – for special events, anniversaries – or simply for anyone large or small who may need a little cheering. “As the first time in a while I’ve been at the chalkface, I find I am bringing a new reflexivity from my research into children’s community publishing into my practice: exploring an emergent project design that is both challenging and illuminating.”

The children have provided some magic moments in this first week, and I look forward to listening deeply to the staff’s responses to these preliminary explorations before we plan the next phase and co-opt some other ArTELIER artists into the mix.


Come and join on the first Friday of the month 10am – 1pm (RSVP required) at the all that we are Reading Room. We are gathering quite a collection of books in our library, particularly focused on socially engaged practice so come and peruse some new and old publications critical to our work – and join in a discussion with however else is around. Have a coffee while you’re here.

Simon at Tate Exchange May gathering

Several times a year the Tate Associates from across the UK gather at Tate Modern in London to share practice and build networks. As one of two international associates Simon attended the small and informal gathering in May to build the relationship between ArTELIER and Tate Exchange. the intention is to build an exchange program between the two projects for a partnership in 2021.

ArTELIER Tasmania 2019 Launch

The 2019 ArTELIER program was officially launched at Salamanca Arts Centre last week. Following a welcome to Country by Sinsa Mansell and an introduction to the project by Simon Spain and Victoria Ryle, Hon. Elise Archer, Minister of the Arts, launched the 2019 program. 40 Tasmanian artists are signed up for 2019 – all work on intergenerational arts projects in Tasmania in a variety of disciplines. 2019/20 events and gatherings will be announced in the next couple of weeks.

self assembly at Tate Modern, London

Simon is presenting self assembly at Tate Modern on Sunday 2 June 2019. This will be the largest outing for this work during a whole afternoon program at the Tate Exchange, creating up to 200 figures with children and families.

You can see the program for the session here:

ArTELIER in Melbourne

Ten artists from the ArTELIER program spent four days in Melbourne. Five artists ran workshops at ArtPlay over the weekend and everyone attended a range of professional development opportunities including; being part of a creative development of a transgender toys workshop, TOY; a visit to Footscray Community Arts Centre; a workshop on materiality by Kelly Boucher; and a full day program of relationality and creation of arts experiences for children and families at ArtPlay.

Grant writing for arts projects workshop

It was effective at breaking down all of the steps involved in applying for funding…

I have done a couple of applications and need some help to improve and develop – this workshop has been invaluable for remedying this.

Thanks; new ideas, succinct doable steps, generous information of whats out there to support us…

comments from participants

Debby Maziarz ran a three hour workshop, at all that we are, for ArTELIER artists to help them make better applications for arts funding.

About the Facilitator

Debby Maziarz ( is an educator and creative entrepreneur who mentors artists, organisations and communities to create solid plans for resourcing their work. Renowned for unearthing innovative and ‘fundable’ ideas, Debby is driven to challenge the mindset that stops superstars from excelling. She’s also got a great track record in sourcing funds – including founding Melbourne’s Westside Circus and Arts Barter Australia.

This event was organised by ArTELIER Tasmania and was free to 2018 ArTELIER members.

Expression of Interest to be part of ArTELIER in 2019

ArTELIER: Artists in Tasmania: Ecology for Learning, Intergenerational Exchange and Reflection

ArTELIER builds the capacity of the Tasmanian arts ecology by empowering artists who work with children and young people.  ArTELIER began in 2018 and built a network of 26 cross-disciplinary Tasmanian artists, supporting quality arts practice with children and young people across the state. 

If you have an established arts practice that involves children and young people, and you are prepared to contribute to learning opportunities, and are open to ideas, sharing and developing your practice, you are invited to express an interest to join the 2019 ArTELIER group.    

2019 ArTELIER Artists have opportunity to:

  • Participate in and contribute to regular Learning Exchanges:- day long learning experiences, co-designed and led by ArTELIER artists, with provocative presentations for interstate and local artists, practical sessions, critical inquiry discussion  etc. You will be paid a stipend of $250;
  • Be part of a supportive network that advocates for professional, high quality and socially engaged arts practice for children and young people;
  • Contribute to or collaborate with others in artistic engagements or community projects working with children and young people in various locations around the state;
  • Participate in a “deep dive” retreat of intense learning and sharing of practice
  • Access to other professional development workshops and seminars

EOI Application Form>>

EOI’s are CLOSED but we’d love you still to apply as we don’t want to leave anyone out and we know you are all busy. Fill in the EOI and we’ll put you on the wait list…

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their EOI by Wednesday 8 May

Successful applicants will be invited to the program launch on Wednesday 15 May.

If you have any questions about the program before submitting your EOI please contact us

Library resources at all that we are


Bec Stevens has been cataloguing and labelling the art book collection at 1450 South Arm Road. We intend to make some of the resources available for loan to ArTELIER artists and will bring small collections to future ArTELIER sessions. Its a growing collection, particularly of social practice/teaching artistry/community arts texts. The collection sits on the bookshelves in the big meeting room at the South end of the house.

ArTELIER retreat at Nayri Niara on Bruny Island

15 ArTELIER artists will be heading down to Bruny Island for a three day retreat and connection to the Nayri Niara Festival in March. This will give this group an opportunity to share and develop their practice through interaction with a host of artists in the festival and help to drive the direction of the 2019 ArTELIER program.