Kymberley Peace in residence


Kymberley has been working on the theme of ‘Organ Donation’ over the last year. She has been exploring how to increase awareness of its’ importance through interactive and installation art. I aim to create artworks that hopefully capture the viewer’s curiosity so that they may also feel compelled to understand more about the wonder of organ donation and in turn open up more dialogue about this often  daunting subject, which continues to challenge public debate.

Kymberley is drawing and making prints while in residence.





Spaces available for Spring residency programs

There are a couple of spaces available in our 2018 Spring residency seasons. You can find out more and apply here Artists from all disciplines are welcome – it is a wonderful place to take time out, retreat, think, walk and review your work, as well as providing a great stimulus for new work.

The Line in residence

theline1Artists from across the world  came together for a 12 day retreat at all that we are to develop the next stage of The Line – a new piece of theatre set during the Black War in Tasmania in the 1830s. Director Nancy Black has brought Rod Primrose (Victoria, puppetry), Nathan Maynard (Tasmania, writer), Clare Murphy (UK, writer and storyteller), Noelle O’Regan (Ireland, actor), Rory O’Brien (Ireland, sound designer) and Chloe Ogilvie (Perth, lighting designer) to be in residence and to work alongside a team based in Tasmania to create this new work. The two-week project was kicked off with a dinner for 17!

Big, big thank you from all on The Line project. It was such a pleasure to arrive back here and wake up every morning before heading into deep work in Hobart. With the work being so intense and was good to have a Deep Breathe back here and with both your company. Thanks a million!

Noelle O’Regan


Madelaine Flynn, Tim Humphrey and Live Umbrella Arts from Finland in residence

We Johanna Tuukkanen, Pekka Mäkinen, Maija Eränen, (Live Umbrella Artists from Finland) with Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, from Australia, gathered here to consider our existential risk project amid the celebrations for the Tasmanian solstice.

It has been a chance to be at a place whose landscape screams its accreted losses,

Absences, and past frenzies. A visual document takes shape via Pekka’s camera lenses. We drove a lot. It is kind of unavoidable here. What is the existential risk implicit in a two-hour drive to see a 1000-year old pine tree clinging to the side of a mountain lake?

Future Founders Project at Salamanca Arts Centre

Through June and July Victoria is working with Ainslie Macaulay from Salamanca Arts Centre in a creative dialogue with various community groups about their perspectives on the future through art. We’re working towards an exhibition in the Sidespace gallery at Salamanca Arts Centre in September, but the main event will be a major projection piece on the SAC facade in May next year. It’s been great to capture some soundings from local primary and secondary students on this enormous topic, and coming up next, the Migrant Resource Centre and Burnie Regional Art Gallery.

Matt Laing in residence


My name is Matt, and I’m a viola player and composer from Melbourne. I’m really looking forward to being away from my every day life as a freelance violist to be able to concentrate on writing in a far removed environment, and in a really beautiful little pocket of Australia. This will actually be the first time I’ll be able to focus purely on writing so I’m not sure what to expect to achieve while I’m there but I have a few projects to work towards and having that time in this environment will give me a greater sense of what can be done when working in an immersive way, which will be really valuable as I move to make writing a larger part of my musical life.
I’d also like to say a big thanks to the Flinders Quartet and Scarlet’s Fund for their award of my residency, I’m very grateful.

Marit Ulvund and Stein Helge Solstad in residence



Marit Ulvund is an Ass. Professor in theater, with an arts-based and practice-led PhD from NTNU, Norway, and QUT, Australia. She is this semester a visiting scholar at Queensland University of Technology, and works on a research monograph of her PhD; Life and Story – From Experience to Performance with Echo Theatre.

Marit has a long experience with art programs in kindergarten and elementary school, as a university lecturer/practitioner in drama/theatre, conductor of international university art and education projects, and director and actor in music and theater performances for children. Marit is a director of Seanse Art Center, Norway. Seanse has hosted about 500 artist in residencies since 2004, and arrange national and international art workshops, conferences, and a Small Art Festival. Seanse hosted the first International Teaching Artist Conference (ITAC1) Oslo 2012, and Marit is on the founding board for the ITAC conferences, the next coming up in New York, September 2018. Ass. Prof. Marit Ulvund, Seanse Art Center/Volda University College, Norway –

Stein Helge Solstad is an associate professor in music at the University College in Volda, Norway. He has a practice-led Ph.D. from the Norwegian Academy of Music in Norway and was a visiting scholar at Columbia University in New York City in 2010/11. For the time being he has a sabbatical semester in Brisbane writing a research monograph about his Ph.D. topic “Strategies in jazz guitar improvisation”. Besides being a researcher and teacher, he is also a jazz guitarist and composer, – and appears on several recordings. Stein released his last jazz album with own music in December 2017; Elvane møtest (Eng. Rivers meet). Ass. Prof. Stein Helge Solstad, Volda University College, Norway –

While in residence Marit and Stein are preparing a Paper performance called:

A room of one’s own – researching – Paper performance by Marit Ulvund – Music composed and played by Stein Helge Solstad (guitar)

Marit asks; “who am I as a researcher, female writer, theatre practitioner, and may I be all three at the same time? Can I find my research identity, and perform my findings with credibility?”

The human frame being what it is, heart, body, and brain all mixed together, and not contained in separate compartments as they will be no doubt in another million years, a good dinner is of great importance to good talk.

Virginia Wolf

In this paper performance, Marit explores and performs her role as a female performer, writer and researcher. The performance is based on her reflections from the last 10 years gathered in a document called Thoughts, and which are free writings related to her PhD process, herself, and later work. Moreover, the paper performance refers to performances and other academic and literary texts. Stein is working on composing music to the paper performance, and will be playing in the final performance.


Stephanie Hruska in residence

stepahiehruskaMy name is Steph and I’m from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA. I came to All That We Are with the hope of reconnecting with my creative mind and to see what would happen if I allowed myself to step into a new, and unfamiliar environment. Prior to working as an educator, I spent several years in the service industry. I was able to fully immerse myself in the work, but went home exhausted each day and felt a lack of fulfillment. I am here to learn more about my own strengths as an independent woman, educator and artist, in hopes of finding the right direction in which to carry dedication & passion forward. Since arriving at All That We Are, I have found comfort, support and more fresh air than I could have ever hoped for. I consider myself very fortunate to be here and am so grateful for this opportunity. Victoria & Simon are truly wonderful and welcoming people.”

Emma Constantine in residence


Emma is a British performance artist. She uses her body to explore movement, shape and play. Interested in dance, ambiguity and surrealism, the results are often incongruous and mysterious, causing the viewer to question reality and look closely at what is there. The work is documented with both film and photography and is sometimes developed in post-production to increase the element of surreal and surprise even further. Whilst at All That We Are, Emma IS playfully responding to the landscape with her body in a performative way. She hopes the results bring a sense of play, freedom and awe at our bodies for the viewer. She aims to continue this series of work as she travels to different states within Australia.




Bec Stevens in residence


Bec Stevens is a Hobart-based visual artist and curator whose work is underpinned by studies in architecture and horticulture. Bec trained originally in environmental design and from this foundation she makes art installations that draw our attention to the incongruous relationships we maintain with the spaces, sites and structures we occupy. Bec’s practice is site-responsive; she employs photography, drawing, object assemblage and plant matter as a means of engaging with the social and historical nuances of constructed environments.

She is spending a week at all that we are to take some creative time out and work on a series of new works as well as giving some thought to her creative focus in 2018/9.