Mentoring and coaching


Being involved at 1450 offers emerging creatives the opportunity to work with two people highly experienced and successful in the arts sector. Simon and Victoria’s experience is useful to tap into and they offer a range of opportunities to do this. Collaborations are central to their work and either are available to provide one-to-one advice and mentoring.

Simon’s recently completed Master in Philanthropy and Social Impact which included key MBA units together with his experience of working with the bureaucracy of Local Government has given him valuable knowledge in leadership, startup and project development and implementation and Theory of Change evaluation. Simon is an Australia Council for the Arts leadership mentor and has complted training in personal coaching.

Whether you are a local or visiting artist, Simon offers an introductory three-session coaching unit. Taking place over 7-14 days, each session lasts 45 minutes and will provide you with some tools to consider your next direction as an artist. Simon can help you review your current situation and help you to take advantage of opportunities ahead to creat a more wholistic approach to integrating your creative worlds.

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