Consultancy, mentoring and coaching


Being involved at 1450 offers emerging creatives the opportunity to work with two people highly experienced and successful in the arts sector. Simon and Victoria’s experience is useful to tap into and they offer a range of opportunities to do this. Collaborations are central to their work and either are available to provide one-to-one advice and mentoring.

Simon’s recently completed Master in Philanthropy and Social Impact which included key MBA units together with his experience of working with the bureaucracy of Local Government has given him valuable knowledge in leadership, startup and project development and implementation and Theory of Change evaluation

Victoria offers the experience of leading a not-for-profit for over twenty years, in two countries, and can provide support in project financing and design. Her knowledge of the arts and education sector together with herder commitment to community empowerment places her well to support new arts and education

All That We Are has access to a range of specialist consultants in the field of arts with children and families in Australia, UK and Ireland and are available for evaluations, grant writing and project development and management.

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