Apply for a 2020 residency


Over the first three years of all that we are, we hosted artists from across the world, who universally agree that there is a special and creative energy around this house and land, Mumarimina land, that makes it an ideal base for residencies, retreats and reflection.

 My sincere thanks to Simon and Victoria who were so welcoming and got the balance just right between allowing me lots of space and time to contemplate and create, and check-ins and chats to ensure I didn’t start talking to the wombats! Tasmania is just beautiful too – lovely weather, clean air, space, friendly.. It has it all. I felt immediately at peace and at rest. 

Author, Jennifer Barrett, Dublin

Each residency offers:

  • a private room with single or double bed and desk (a bathroom shared between two rooms)
  • a large shared sitting area/workspace with upright piano
  • use of a spacious & well equipped office with hot desk and wifi
  • a reference collection of art books
  • a simple kitchen with cooking facilities for self catering and laundry
  • a large deck with outdoor dining and barbecue
  • use of separate studio by arrangement
  • hard to beat, incredible views of Pipe Clay Lagoon, Frederick Henry Bay, Storm Bay and the distant hills of the Tasman Peninsula.

Hobart is a 25 minute drive away or accessible by bus

MONA is 40 minutes away or drive to Hobart and take the ferry.

Numerous beaches are within a 5 to 10 minutes drive or a 10 minute walk to the lagoon.

These residencies are open to any committed artist, but all that we are has a special interest in artists whose practice is inclusive of children, families, young people and the diverse ecologies of communities.

 It is seriously a beautiful place. Surrounded by forest and endless vistas of sea, sky and stunning landscape… Victoria and Simon offered the perfect balance of allowing me my space and privacy while also offering support and their warm hospitality.”

Visual artist Kerri McConchie, Australia

In 2020 all that we are will run three artist-in-residence seasons – one in the Summer (Jan/Feb), one in the Autumn (April/May) and one in the Spring (October and November). You can stay for up to 21 days with costs ranging from $50 – $75 dollars per night self catering.

We cater for individuals, couples and groups and provide a quiet and creative environment with stunning views across the water. It’s a great opportunity to meet other like-minded artists, take time out to reflect and engage with Tasmania artists through our ArTELIER program.

There is no formal application process. Just fill in the form below with when you would like to come with some links to your work, together with an idea of what you intend to do while you are here.